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Twitter Poets to Follow

Mashable and others have published lists of  journalists, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, bloggers, Social Media gurus and new media mavens, but I haven’t seen a post that guide you to poets on any of the big dog blogs.

twitter poetry

Now, while it is true that most poetry magazines have the circulation of a 90-year old chain smoking couch potato there are a number of wordsmiths who have found a new and enthusiastic audience on Twitter.

The list is by no means exhaustive and recommendations are welcomed. Included on the list are virtual voices of those who write everything: refrigerator poetry, Haiku, Free Verse, Caged Verse, Children’s poetry. There are poets represented who have never seen their name in print beyond Twitter’s RSS feed and others who collect awards like academics collect titles.

Poets to follow on Twitter:

@chinamatt (Publisher of the Terracotta Typewriter)

@Kojobaffoe (Kojo Baffoe, my creative cyber friend from South Africa)

@rmfenwick A former student who long ago came into his own

@lonniehodge (Me)

@paisano (editor of dad0matic)

@janngae (Jancie Reynolds: Haiku)

@yojinbo (Mr. Yojinbo)

@32poems (Deborah Ager: Nat. Poetry Series Winner and a great blog at 32 Poems)

@gloson (young man doing some fun stuff)

@5wa (Robert Neff)

@miridunn (Miriam MacDonald)

@elspethmurray (Tweeter in residence for a puppet theater)

@iwritepoetry ( Good follow. Location: Library 😉  )

@awaretalkradio (Chad Lilly)

@greenskeptic (Scott Edward Anderson)

@poettwist (Kathy Koch)

@puerhan (Kiwi-Buddhist-Architect)

@thebookwright (Tom Evans, “empath”)

@weblaureate (Writes at )

@Toltecjohn (John Lavan)

@tinylittlepoems (Kate Larsen)

@lucciano (G Lucciano. Love the “half man, half poet in his profile)

@bookloveher (Brandi Bates)

@poets (Endless poetic tweets from

@pookandgrace (Ruth Du Fresne)


@stacyr3r (Stacy Conley: Haiku)

Collin Kelly also has published a list and it can be found here for those who are blocked from Blogspot in China: POETS ON TWITTER or below here:

Gregory Pincus: @GottaBook
Sherry Chandler: @BlueGrassPoet
Samuel Peralta: @semaphore
Patty Paine: @expatty
Luisa Igloria: @ThePoetsLizard
Maureen Evans: @Maureen
Zach Buscher: @PoetryTwit
Christine Miller: @ChristineMiller
Zoe Nishimuta: @zoenishimuta
John Hudak: @iamcynical
T.R. “Terry” Hummer: @trhummer
K. Silem Mohammad: @ksilem
Mathias Svalina: @msvalina
Tao Lin: @tao_lin
Dave Bonta: @Morning_Porch
C. Cleo Creech: @cleocreech
Michele Brenton: @banana_the_poet
Ray Succre: @raysuccre
32 Poems Magazine/Deborah Ager: @32poems
Marie-Elizabeth Mali: @memali
Joel Fried: @joeltalks
Will Kenyon: @williamkenyon
Tammy Knott: @lileagle
Cole Krawitz: @ckrawitz
Christine Klocek-Lim: @chrissiemkl
Sharon Brogan: @sbpoet
Saeed Jones: @saeedjones
Samiya Bashir: @scryptkeeper
Rachel Barenblat: @velveteenrabi
Lisa Marie: @thirdrootprod
AnnMarie Eldon: @AnnMarieEldon
Susan Taylor Brown: @susanwrites
Deb Scott: @stoneymoss
Pamela Johnson Parker: @Pamela12345
Jeffrey Thomson: @jeffreythomson
Peggy Eldridge-Love: @Plove413
James Valvis: @jamesvalvis


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