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Study in America: Study in US Guides

From The China Dreamblogue

Head over to BOD for recommendarions on where to study in the US, UK and Australia….

Study in America: University study in US

For anyone dreaming of university study in America: The China Dreamblogue has posted pdf guides on how to study in America, in both English and in Chinese…

Study in the US part 1

This is a guide to undergraduate study and educational opportunities in the US. You can find Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian versions of the text: Study in America: American undergraduate Study.

Study in the US part 2

This guide explains the process of applying for and preparing for graduate study in the US. It includes information about admission, types of institutions, degrees, course loads, and grading systems. It will also discuss the different academic culture in the US and the US academic environment. It also covers specialized programs of study in the US: US nursing school, American law schools, US veterinary medicine, and American dentistry. You can find versions of the text in Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian here: Study in the US: US Graduate Degree.

Study in the US Part 3

This guide provides thorough descriptions of short-term study options in the US, such as: high school exchange programs, work and professional exchange programs, vocational and technical programs, short-term university study, and professional study. You can find versions of the text in Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian here: Study in America: Short-term US study.

Study in the US part 4

This guide provides important details on preparing for study in the US, such as obtaining a visa, predeparture information, housing in the us, and travel to the us. You can find versions of the text in Arabic, Chinese, English, and Russian here: Study in the US: US Visas, arriving in US, and travel to the US.

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4 Responses to “Study in America: Study in US Guides”

  1. jiwei pengon Sep 2nd 2007 at 7:33 am

    hi prof.Lonnie
    i was your student when you taught in Macau University of Science and Technology
    now i am in Manhatten ,New York and you saw my I-20 (my college is st johns univ.)
    can u remeber me ???
    your article is so useful for me to live in the United States
    and also New York is a exciting city better than any other city i think
    i love New York i love United States
    If you are free i ask you to give me some proposal about how to live in America just like this guide but more. i leave my e-mail here :

    Jiwei Peng
    Manhatten, City Of New York, NY, USA

  2. The Professoron Sep 3rd 2007 at 10:57 pm

    Yes, Hi!!

    Manhattan from Taipa, wow…That is the change of changes….

    I am glad you like it there….

    MUST is having a bit of controversy lately….Have you been reading???

    Please write any time to my regular box….lonnie.hodge at …I would love to hear more of how you are doing…

    Be well…..


  3. SilkRoadon Dec 17th 2007 at 4:49 am

    Great pics, Dave!! I can see you are definitely enjoying the view!!

  4. adminon Jul 23rd 2008 at 10:10 am

    St. John’s is a great place….How do you like it there?

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