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A New Olympic Blood Sport in China….

RPS girls


 You have your Badminton, your Ping Pong and now, the sport that could bring adulation to the uber-geeks and the athletically challenged propelling someone into the world of endorsements like Yao Ming or Xiang Liu: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Wikipedia actually has a cheater's guide!!

Now I am not sure how one would train for a RPS tourney, but Matti Leshem, the Co-Kohuna (commissioner) of the Mr. of the US Rock Paper Scissors League, would like to see it become an Olympic sport one day. OK, laugh if you like, but some fast-signing hand athlete won $10,000 clams at the Vegas Championship that was covered by ESPN! Leshem, a Hollywood producer, makes don King look like a hot dog hawker at a ballpark. He acted as emcee for the $50,000 competition with 300 contestants and $50,000 in prizes. This has mad implications for Asian countries who use the game to decide everything from who uses the potty first to what auction company is going to sell your art collection. And move over NASCAR! The sponsor of this fast-paced discipline, where carpal tunnel and joint pain are are analogous to hairpin turn crashes, is Anheuser-Busch. With the best two out of three wins deciding the single elimination winners there is plenty of time for refreshments! And wait until the Japanese get in on this. Americans are already dressing up in costumes (one guy wears red cooking mitts 'cause his hands are just too hot) and I cannot wait for the masters of kitch and mindless game shows to get in on this one. This may be the fund raiser we need for the Blog of Dreams trip across China. Anyone want to code a RPS game?? With a hat tip to Everthing But Hockey




Yes, a PayPal account did get set up for the Cooper family.  You can find a PayPal donation button at the bottom of this page:

Also, CavMom (who helped Mrs. Cooper set up the PayPal account) added this update on Tuesday:

Update – As of 05/15/07: The funeral fund is now up to $3,876.00. Thank you to all who have helped the Cooper family.


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3 Responses to “A New Olympic Blood Sport in China….”

  1. adriantaion May 18th 2007 at 3:10 pm

    does this mean i finally get a shot at being an olympic athelete? 😉

    wonder if anyone’s going to organise one here in Malaysia…

  2. China Law Blogon May 21st 2007 at 12:02 am

    Seeing as how many family disputes are resolved using RPS, I immediately went to the cheating guide for a leg up. Big disappointment. Not even my 9 year old would fall for those. Nothing new there.

    I do give you major kudos, however, for coming up with the photo.

  3. Xiao Tan(Emma)on May 23rd 2007 at 11:36 am

    I always feel that the Olympic games may just be a kind of showcase waiting for people to see. Or in other words it’s one way for goofing.
    The Olympic Games in China is set for the professional athletes. It is a joke to say it’s suitable for the whole residents. Is it obviously that there are so many shows in China and maybe there are no differences in deed?

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