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Yuemei v Wade….

The Chinese and Thai Zookeepers show them Panda Porn and a zoo pregnancy gets more ongoing press than a Japanese Imperial gestation. So….

Why don’t give her what she wants, send her back to China and program her to listen in on zoo conversations between party leaders?

A creative video via Erasing the Sun from the screwballs at the Onion:

Panda Demands Abortion

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2 Responses to “Yuemei v Wade….”

  1. Truffleson May 1st 2007 at 6:33 pm

    what the f………..! sorry about my French….

    i wonder if after the Panda Abortion Right, they are going going to consider the One Panda Child Policy…… and if the panda mother come from the country side or if she is having a panda female… she will have the right to have another one…..

    truffles (thinking we are living in a veryyyyyyyyyyy strange world)

  2. Truffleson May 2nd 2007 at 5:52 am

    BTW, the debate should not be about abortion. Yuemei ”said” that she doesn’t want her baby to grow up in a cage…. so instead of fighting over abortion right, they should consider to send her HOME (in a Chinese panda natural reserve) and have her baby there (it is what she said….. to the human MASTERS…….).

    So lets launch an international message to this zoo: SEND YUEMEI HOME!

    Truffles on the behalf of the PLF (Panda Liberation Front)

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