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Golfing 101 in China

A reprint from October …I will try to insert  10  a day…CEO GOLF

Xiamen University, in the Southeast of China, is requiring law and business students to take golf lessons to prepare them for a business world where deals are made on the golf course. According to Fox News, Xiamen University in the southeastern city of Xiamen joins a growing number of Chinese schools offering golf lessons, but is unusual in making them a required class. “The aim is to help the students find good jobs,”a sports professor at the school, Chen Xiao, was quoted as saying.”Many Chinese business deals are clinched on golf courses.” Elite Peking University set off a debate over whether golf is appropriate for China, where most people still live in poverty, when it announced in August that it was building a practice green. Some students complained the sport was too elitist but supporters defended it as a healthy social activity. Some of the nicest golf courses in the world can already be found in Shenzhen and on Hainan (host to the China Masters) Island, but the price of a caddy might have just gone up. Finally, something for Japanese businessmen to do that won’t get them locked up. THE CHINA MASTERS

By Lonnie Hodge

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  1. Karen M. Lynchon Mar 30th 2007 at 2:26 pm

    We’ve been in touch about my breast cancer blog before … can you contact me about this issue of golf in China, pleeeeaaasssee? It’s for an article I’m writing and I could use an insider’s view.

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