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On the Light Side…

Here is a post that was lost in the great WP spam crash of ’08….I found it on another site where it had 900 views logged. I don’t want a commission, I want Coffee Cola!:


Idon’tkowwhyIneversawthisstuffbeforetoday.It’sbrilliant!! TWICEhtecaffeineofordinarycola.It’slikethatBUZZBEERontheDrew CareyshoworJOLTfromyearsback.WaitasecondwhileIitchmylegandget mymyhairtolieflat.HEYIcanstandandtypewithonehand!!!!DidIsay ithadTWICEthecaffeine???!!So,wherewasI??

This liquid crack, if it didn’t taste like vinyl on a bus seat smells (No, never up close!), would be a huge hit! It looks like a Safeway logo on the bottle I have (If it would just hold still I could read it…) and I guess is a knock-off of the stuff Coke introduced to France a couple of years ago. That was devilish, aye? The only think the French like as much as cheese and wine is COFFEE!

I am sure this stuff has already been souped up a bit and is available in the prescription section of supermarket pharmacies in Japan.But, it is new to my part of China!!! I am a little disturbed that they engineered it to froth when you put it into a glass. It looks horribly like recycled Guinness (Again, NO! what’s wrong with you people?) with its flat head of foam.

My bottle, It’s Empty! It’s Empty! I want another one! Now!, was made in Beijing and probably flew down here on its own accord. Maybe they will start bewing it with Pearl River water.

It will probably taste the same only chunkier. It terrifies me that Chinese Taxi Drivers might drink and drive on this stuff….Those guys already have a variant hybrid of St. Vitus’ Dance and Turretts Syndrome; all they need now is this new artificial symptom inducer and WHOOOOOOO!!!!

Give it a try, but have paramedics on speed (ha ha) dial….I am off: I am running down the 27 flights of my stairs to the 7/11 to give this stuff a second try.

Postscript: They discontinued CC here and I have become like House, MD and taken to slapping nuns and biting rabid dogs in my withdrawal…..


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6 Responses to “On the Light Side…”

  1. Kevinon Jan 9th 2009 at 9:01 am

    Looks to me like Coke Blak, which was here in the US in 2006

    That stuff was incredible. The frothy coffee-ey, cokey goodness can not be beat.

  2. adminon Jan 10th 2009 at 9:18 am

    It’s gone now ;-( Still around the U.S.?? I might swim over for a case!

  3. Chinamatton Jan 10th 2009 at 10:15 pm

    I tried this stuff once out of morbid curiosity. I’ve been trying to block the taste from memory.

  4. adminon Jan 11th 2009 at 5:33 am

    HA…..Reminds me of a VERY bad joke….

  5. Jenson Jan 30th 2009 at 2:17 am

    Hey Lonnie

    We implemented all the changes you suggested and things are moving in the right direction, have a look


  6. China Business Successon Apr 24th 2009 at 2:10 am

    Coffe Cola?? Hmm…strange concept. Wouldn’t know how it would taste and can’t image the mix of coffe and cola. But it is typical of the Chinese to come up with something like this. They are very original with new ideas and concepts. Kinda like Milk Tea or Pearl Tea. Also a very nice idea…I’m not sure if it really came from the Chinese but I tried it in Beijing. Haven’t had it before but I thought it was a nice touch. It’s too bad that you can’t find Milk Tea in a bottle in a supermarket here in the Netherlands…

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